Samantha Leon's Debut EP is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music

Preview the EP here:

Official Music Video: "Bright Yellow Shoes"


The debut EP from Samantha Leon is one
of those moments when you realize greatness has entered the scene.
— Music Emissions
Get ready for this because Samantha Leon will be around for a long time to come. Few new singer/songwriters in recent years have emerged with such an unguarded, powerhouse approach to their art while still retaining a pop accessibility that allows even casual listeners to enjoy the performances. It’s a neat balancing trick and, certainly, a rare skill.
— Growing Old with Rock and Roll
Honesty & authenticity connect to us – and natural is definitely a fantastic way to describe the beauty in Samantha Leon’s sound...

”Bottom-line for me here was that it sounded like there wasn’t anyone in the room trying to push Samantha too hard in any one direction to be more or less like anything else out there; “Bright Yellow Shoes” sounds truly like an artist left to their own devices & creativity to lead the way. Her natural instincts and honest approach have played a huge role in the successful sound of the structure, writing & smoothness of the flow on “Bright Yellow Shoes” and I think she’s done a commendable job.”
— Sleepingbagstudios
This is an EP that pulls no punches. Samantha Leon express[es] herself in a way few artists do anymore. She’s not afraid of staring loss in the face. She’s likewise emboldened to declare her continuing wounded strength over the course of these seven songs and surrounds herself with musical backing that frames her sweet, aching voice with great aplomb.
— Burned Out Borders